We work diligently with our clients and their legal advisors. We strive to minimise client risks and assist in the resolution of technical conflicts or proceedings before the courts.


However if differences are unable to be resolved by agreement, we provide expert witness services for Planning and Environmental Court, Land Court and Supreme Court jurisdictions in Australia. 


We have acted as expert witnesses in more than 30 court-related matters in the following fields relating to extractive industry and quarrying: 

  • Geology and geotechnical engineering
  • Quarry products
  • Quarry 'needs' assessments
  • Quarry design, planning, development and operations
  • Quarry safety
  • Environmental impacts, management and controls
  • Quarry development approvals and land use conflicts
  • Quarry valuations, royalty and financial assessments
  • Compensation for resumption of quarry lands by compulsory acquisition