securing a sustainable supply of aggregates for far north queensland

Refer technical paper 'Securing a Sustainable Supply of Aggregates for Far North Queensland', QELA Regional Intensive, Cooktown, Nov 2015


The technical paper examines contemporary factors, issues and trends impacting on the demand and sustainable supply of extractive materials (aggregates) in Regional Queensland with particular case study focus on Cook Shire and the Cape York region of Far North Queensland.
It highlights opportunities for and constraints to the sustainable supply of extractive resources in regional areas of Queensland with particular focus on the Cape York region. Factors that impact on the viability and sustainability of extractive resources and quarries such as geological, tenure, land use, strategic planning, economic, market, operational, transport, cultural heritage, environmental and governmental factors, are evaluated.
The paper draws on ECOROC's research and findings in preparing a contemporary inventory of extractive resources to inform a new planning scheme for the Cook Shire. It also draws on findings by ECOROC from a Queensland wide hard rock quarry inventory, database and supply-side constraints analysis, prepared for the Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (Qld RA) in 2012.
It concludes with a discussion on sustainability indicators to inform strategic planning for extractive resources in regional areas and provides some suggested measures for consideration by planners when preparing contemporary inventories of extractive resources to enable their recognition and protection under local government planning schemes.