We design and plan the development of quarries. This includes new quarries and extensions or modifications to existing quarries on either 'greenfield' or 'brownfield' sites.


Our quarry development plans are used by clients to support new development applications or amendments to existing approvals, and for operational planning and safety management purposes.


Our services include:

  • Project management of quarry planning and development approval applications

  • Supervision of all technical (eg geological, economic, engineering, transport, environmental management, risk assessment) inputs into quarry design and sequencing plans, and working with town planners and legal advisors in the preparation of the development application documentation

  • Preparation of quarry layouts, plans and drawings including engineering and environmental controls

  • Quarry/mine planning and scheduling

  • Preparation of comprehensive EMP's for quarry sites to address environmental and social impacts arising from existing and future proposed development

We apply our quarry risk assessment (EROC) framework, incorporating the 'modifying factors', for quarry development approvals to identify issues and devise practical solutions to optimise recovery of reserves and mitigate environmental and social impacts to accepted standards and levels.