Parklands Blue Metal (Yandina Creek) Quarry Development Approval, Sunshine Coast, Qld


ECOROC supervised an independent professional review of a new hard rock quarry development application that had been refused by the local council, and upon review and re-design with the client's consulting engineers, supervised the preparation of a revised quarry design, methodology and comprehensive Environmental Management Plan to address the grounds of refusal and support the application before the Court.


The work included co-ordination of all recommendations and findings from expert technical studies commissioned for the trial including geology, quarry products, quarry need, geotechnical, mine planning and development, production and processing, blasting, noise and dust, surface water, flora, fauna, native vegetation, visual amenity and traffic impacts, and their integration into a concise quarry development and activity-based, environmental management plan.


The quarry and the plan was approved by the Qld Planning and Environment Court in May 2014 - it is the first greenfield hard rock quarry development on Queensland's Sunshine Coast for more than four decades.


The judgment, Parklands Blue Metal v Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Ors. [QPEC] 2014, provides a contemporary account of the types of matters that can arise in a contested hard rock quarry development application and provides insight into the decisions of the Court upon consideration of the facts and the matters of dispute.


Action Sands - Chinderah NSW


ECOROC scoped and supervised the technical studies and prepared all supporting documentation for an application for ongoing dredging of sand from shoaled areas of the Tweed River NSW, for use as a local construction material in concrete and top-dressing sands, and to provide navigability and flood mitigation in the Tweed River estuary.


The work involved government liasion, review of community submissions, review of geotechnical, environmental amenity, community safety, flooding, groundwater and aquatic ecology and fisheries impacts to prepare a detailed dredging, processing and environmental management plan to support the development application. 


The application was approved by the Tweed Shire Council in Dec 2014.



Cook Shire - Inventory of Extractive Resources in Cook Shire, Cape York, Queensland


ECOROC prepared the first modern inventory of extractive resources in Queensland's Cook Shire (Cape York, Qld) and prepared recommendations and justification for recognition and protection of regionally or locally significant extractive resources in the new local government planning scheme.


The work involved review of Cape York geology, site inspections, consultations with local and state government and industry and the preparation of databases, tables, plans and reporting to identify existing, proposed and prospective extractive industry sites across the Cape.


No such inventory of extractive sites and resources has previously been compliled for Cook Shire, despite the scarcity of suitable materials, long transport distances, widespread damage caused by regular cyclones and storms and the  importance of construction materials to build, improve and maintain the Shire's road infrastructure and built environment.


By recognising and better protecting known and scarce extractive resources from incompatible or competing land uses, future extractive resources remain available for use by future generations. This is especially important for the economic and sustainable development of Cape York's diverse and often remote communities, to improve road safety, access for tourists, and to stimulate regional economic development.


Read More - See technical paper 'Securing a Sustainable Supply of Aggregates for Far North Queensland', QELA Regional Intensive, Cooktown, Nov 2015. 


The paper examines pertinent factors, issues and trends impacting on the demand and future supply of extractive materials (aggregates) in Regional Queensland with particular focus on the Cape York region of Far North Queensland.


It presents a discussion on sustainability indicators to inform strategic planning for extractive resources in regional areas and provides some suggested measures for consideration by planners in preparing and maintaining up to date inventories of extractive resources for recognition and protection under local government planning schemes.



Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads & Qld Reconstruction Authority- Flood Recovery Works


In 3 months, ECOROC successfully completed a major study and the most up to date survey of more than 400 hard rock quarries in Queensland to identify capabilities, supply constraints, and find remedial solutions to inform state government policy for supply of construction materials for repair of flood and/or cyclone-related roads and infrastructure.


The need for the study and its supporting multi-field database arose quickly following unprecedented cyclone and flood damage from extraordinary weather events from 2010 to 2012 and unprecedented state-wide demand for conveniently-located, cost effective aggregates and roadbase materials. In regional areas these materials were also in high demand for the building of coal mine and gas-field infrastructure. 


Read More - See technical paper CMIC 12 'After the Rains - Repaving Paradise'


AECOM - Flood Recovery Works in Toowoomba Regional Council area, Toowoomba, Queensland


As specialist consultants to AECOM, ECOROC reviewed and prepared quarry development plans and environmental management plans for 10 Council-controlled gravel pits to ensure sufficient materials were available for the repair or reconstruction of approximately 11,000 kilometres of flood damaged gravel roads in the Toowoomba region.


The plans were approved by state authorities within 12 weeks.