We provide technical valuations and royalty advice for quarries and quarry-related projects.


In preparing our advice we consider in detail:

  • Applicable valuation methodology having regard to the provisions of the AusIMM Valmin Code, IVSC valuation of extractive resources advices, the Australasian minerals industry's JORC Code 2012 and principles established in 'Mining Economics and Strategy', Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Runge 1998
  • Discount rates for DCFROR analysis, including justification (comparative market / derived from first principles)
  • Comparative market evidence of royalties and sale of quarries, where available
  • Future maintainable earnings
  • Historical performance
  • Influence of risks and opportunities arising from our comprehensive review of the 'modifying factors' for the extractive resource or quarry site
  • Limitations to forecasting
  • Products, market share, forecast revenue and total costs
  • Resource characteristics and comparison of attributes with other suppliers in the market area
  • Results from situational analyses including SWOT and strategic options findings

We also work closely with professional valuers providing specialist technical advice to ensure their inputs into quarry-related valuations are as accurate as possible.